The APCP is a professional service organization created to be a positive representation of the chiropractic profession in the Philippines.

As the officially recognized association by the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC), its additional purpose is to be the chiropractic profession’s representative voice internationally. Through self-governance, active leadership and a unified voice, the APCP is devoted to the success and growth of the chiropractic profession. The APCP is further pledged to being an open and responsive organization to address issues of local, national, and international impact to ensure and maintain the best interests of its members and the public that it serves.
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The legal framework in the Philippines requires Chiropractors to be appropriately qualified and registered with the Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care – Department of Health (PITAHC – DOH). Anyone holding themselves out to be a chiropractor or to offer chiropractic services must have a current valid Certification or they are subject to prosecution under Philippine Laws.

Choosing a Certified Chiropractor who is a member of the APCP and listed on this site is the safe and trusted choice for those seeking professional chiropractic care.